Who we are

Pairing Technology is a team of experts from Private Equity, Entrepreneurs, Human Capital Strategy Executives and Technology Leaders who have proven experience in overcoming the challenges you face every day. By pairing Human and Artificial Intelligence for “proactive” growth strategies that no longer include time-consuming “reactive” measures due to a lack of real time data, we ensure that each client has the “Intelligence to adapt to Change” with a bespoke Pairing Technology solution.


Focus on your goals

Pairing Technology predicts each client SME’s key corporate events including capital evolution, recruitments, new investments, expanding internationally, consolidating the market, raising funds, exiting…... to ensure that you spend your time and effort on what matters most, the future of your company.

Pairing Technology enables you to:

Grow your strategic intelligence

Enhance and optimize all your business assets

Pre-empt operational risks, opportunities and threats

And do it in real time!

Accelerate strategic decisions

Avoid overlooking opportunities and reacting to unforeseen events

Be proactively effective

Plan your company’s future with its own bespoke strategic Intelligence

Spot weak signals

Pairing Technology understands the need for non-listed corporations to have support in interpreting, defining and planning for change from debt situation, leadership inflexions, business model evolution and so on. Risks, opportunities and threats are difficult to spot among the overwhelming amount of data available to you on a daily basis, and that’s exactly where Pairing Technology intervenes and makes it easy for you to do so.


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